Web Analytics is the measurement , collection, analysis, and reporting of qualitative and quantitative data from your website to understand website traffic, users, bounce rates, goal conversions and real time visitor count. So you can improve your online experience. website analytic also helps to analyse your competitors website and compare it with your site. Lets see the best free website analytics tools used :

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an traffic analytics from google they are used for website traffic, users, bounce rates, goal conversions and real time visitor count. It is the most recommended free website analytic tools . Google Analytics is most widely used website analytic tools. It is free and open source. Google Analytics which is the best free web Analytics software – helpful in SEO analytics. Google Analytics helps to understand – How do people use website.

Google analytics helps to arrange your data in better way. It is the best web analytic tool support mobile apps.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a tool that help you to measure the technical dimensions of your website.We can also say it is an  traffic analytics and multichannel data collection tool from Adobe. Adobe analytics is an enterprise alternative to google analytics. Adobe Analytics allows you to get insights to find the deepest, most actionable views into helping your customer.

How adobe web analytics collects data and analysis data – Adobe analytics has evolved uses machine learning , artificial intelligence and other modern data analysis to become one of the best web analytics technology. Adobe analytics helps to get accurate customer insights faster.


Matomo is free web analytics tool . It is one of the commonly used open source web analytics application which helps in measuring website traffic and user behavior. It provides simple reports about how do visitors use website.

Matomo helps you to check visitors profile and enable you to track and control website data . This website analytics also helps you to migrate data between hosting options. You can modify the features the way you like. It supports wide range of plugins.


Clicky web analytics helps bloggers and other small website owners to know about their visitors. Clicky enables bloggers and small website to get insight about their online visitors. clicky has features specifically SPY and RSS feeds that allow web site owners to get live information about their visitors. This is an free web analytics tools that provides alerts when website go offline. It is one of the best free website analytics tools that monitor your website from more than seven locations around the world.


Mixpanel helps you to find users interaction with web and mobile application and provide tools for targeted communication .with them. It is an business analytics platform.It is one of the best website analytics tools which offers reports that help you to monitor KPIs and user behavior [ What is KPIs – Key Performance Indicator ].

Mixpanel helps you to divide your data into a segment for better visualization. Mixpanel helps you to understand how users explore products and website.