Website is a group of World Wide Web pages under a domain name  and published on at web server. They are written using HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language). Example for websites are Facebook, Amazon,Google.Their are types of websites Static website and Dynamic website. Static sites can be written almost exclusively in HTML and serve a fixed set of data that renders the same for every site visitor. A dynamic website or web page has information, which is generated in real-time and altered on the basis of the viewer, the time zone, time of the day, and other aspects.Developing a website is the best way to establish your digital presence. Here are some most commonly used websites



most commonly used web sites

E- commerce  is an online store where people can sell or buy products. Main feature of an E-commerce website is it helps to improve your business processes and information flows by enabling you to communicate with other businesses more efficiently. It helps to reach your services to wider audience.E-commerce will offer you a wide range of products and services.  You can pay for anything through E-commerce such as payment for goods and services, etc. E-commerce can also use as a entertainment tool where you can watch movies, listen to music, and play games online.


A business website is a website designed to represent the identity of a business on the Internet. It is an integral part of large marketing plan. The most straightforward way to build an informative website for your business is by using business tools like WordPress, Wix, PageCloud, or Squarespace. For a professional Business website you can contact Website designing companies


Educational Websites are designed in a way that it support materials which may include games, videos, etc. that act as tools to enhance learning or supplement classroom teaching. Educational websites helps in making learning more enjoyable. They are used in educational institutions such us  traditional school, college or university .


 A blog is a discussion or informational website that is updated with new information on an ongoing basis and normally consists of a collection of posts. Blogs are most commonly used websites that helps you to connect and builds relationship with customers. A blog website is the easiest to design and create and take minimal resources. Blog can help your company to rank on google searches.Blogs helps to attract visitors to your site. Blogs allows you to build and to control your online identity.One of the use of blogging is it helps to connect with new people.


Portfolio websites are one of the most commonly used websites. Portfolio website is an personal website where you can present your creative work. Are you looking for the different types of websites used by freelancers ? Portfolio websites are most commonly used by freelancers. Portfolio websites helps the freelancers to showcase their work and let others to reach out for them. It is one of the top most used websites. One of the main use of portfolio website is it presents your professionalism and dedication to the craft better and more clearly than any CV. 


A Portal website is a one that links to a large number of disparate sub sites. In another way it can be say that Portfolio website is a web-based platform that gathers data from various sources like search engines and emails into a single user interface customized by user through a portlet.


Non-Profit website is one of the most commonly used websites. As a non profit website your website is central hub for information about your organization’s mission, goal and core values. Non- profit websites represents organisations such us medical research charity , heritage charity , churches , Animal rescue organizations etc.