⚫️What is Email
A method of exchanging messages instantly from one system to another with the help of the internet is called an Email. Initially, Email usage was limited to users of the same computer, and it asked for the users to be online to receive the messages. Time changed, and now we know how the mailbox looks. The mail can be sent to more than one recipient, and the recipient’s name can be hidden from others by adding their names in Bcc.
The process starts with an email client’s help by connecting it through a server called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol through the internet. A dedicated port is assigned to the server to help the client transfer the messages through the mail. It is necessary to keep the header information intact so that the recipient’s email address should be correct. SMTP converts the information to transfer the mail content across the ports. The @ sign acts as a divider between the name and mail server, and hence SMTP looks for the mail server after @ sign.
There are different clients for emails such as Outlook, Gmail, thunderbird etc. and mails can be sent and received from different clients. When the domains are different, SMTP looks for the domains in Domain Name System, and with the help of an IP address, a signal is sent to the recipient’s server saying about the email. Now the gateways are opened, and the mail is sent to the new server, and the communication happens.

⚫️Importance of Email
Business communication can be done easily without any security issues, and it is faster than any other forms of communication. Also, contacts can be saved easily with the help of emails, and the past messages can be checked frequently rather than saving the data in the local server. This helps to save storage space.
Most of the emails come with a subject line, and hence it is easy to understand the matter inside the email and categorize them accordingly. This helps in saving time checking for emails. Unwanted emails can be easily ignored and moved to spam folders.
An informal communication tool where the language needs not be official as it is made to be simple as in a conversational talk so that the business runs smooth. The emails can be used as a tool to start the conversation as it is fast, and hence the business can be made to run smooth.
Email is faster than it can be compared to one to one chat. As it can be made as an informational talk and as a serious business talk, email works magic in both ways in terms of speed. No other tool is this faster to send messages.

⚫️Uses of Email
The one use that comes to focus more often is that we can contact the person any time of the day, and he/she can read the mail and respond at their own convenience. This makes the email to respect the individual’s time and avoid unnecessary communications.
The traditional method of contacting people anywhere in the world used to be costly. With a single click, mail can be sent to anyone who has a mail address, which helps to maintain contacts easily. And this is done with no cost at all if the system is connected to the internet.
Emails can be used for many purposes and this depends on the person who uses them. It can be used as a means of communication, informing a failure or an update, helping the team with instructions and guidelines to follow, route map for a trip, instructions to be followed for cleaning or hospitalizing and anything that seems relevant to the user.
In educational terms, emails can be sent to apply for admissions, receive results and job offers. It helps the communication smooth and simple that people find it easy by clicking on the send button.


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